Man’s history and future


Sayyad Mohd Saleem is a proud geek, amateur web developer/coder, freelance writer, movie buff and a tech enthusiast, who is ardent to learn more about the technology that surrounds us. When he finds something fascinating and exciting, he shares it on this website. When not wrangling with work, you can find him writing here.

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6 Responses

  1. Kamryn says:

    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appacrohes!

  2. Me dull. You smart. That’s just what I needed.

  3. Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

  4. Keep drinking the Kool Aid. Your kid’s chances of getting in Harvard are not increased by spending more money here. The vast majority of Staples kids go to 2nd or 3rd tier schools (68 last year went 1st tier). Not bad but not anywhere near the privates.

  5. that although pine trees are not his natural habitat he would love to explore the forest…filten med den gula trim {om vi vinner} du..…{I’m relying entirely on google translate for that so I hope it is at least serviceable Swedish!)

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